WE, ETHNIC MONGOL TRAVEL, are a TOUR OPERATOR in Mongolia. Established in 2005 with aims of conducting reliable and quality tours, our company has taken countless tours from various countries around the world and showed professional service during their pleasant stay in our country. We are proud of our travelers from all over the world e.g. travelers from Australia, Japan, America, Russia, New Zealand, England, Sweden, Spain, South Korea and so on.

TOURS WE CONDUCT. Our company organizes all kind of tours around Mongolia: They are

  • Incentive tours,
  • Package tours,
  • FIT tours,
  • Special interest tours,
  • Adventure tours,
  • Hiking and trekking tours,
  • Camel and horse riding tours etc.

We are experts who have been working in the industry for more than 20 years with a result of 100% customer satisfaction.

TRAVEL ROUTINE. While our tours are professionally taken care of by our trip leaders on sites, the best itineraries are carefully selected by experts in the office. We work with local guides, drivers who are reliable, trustworthy and charming to choose the best destinations.

TRIP LEADERS we work with are highly experienced with excellent English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Chinese speaking and they show a great attitude to their work. We pay special attention on annual tour guide trainings that are organized not only in Mongolia but also n Asian countries. Delhi, India, Hanoi, Vietnam, and Beijing, China are the countries we have sent our trip leaders to participate in international trainings.

We are proud of our trip leaders who welcome travelers with a cultural unique respect and show a professional service during their stay. We farewell our travelers with an unforgettable and amazing experience of the country.

Our company welcomes you to cooperate with us in organizing successful tours in Mongolia based on our valuable experience.

We care our customers more than anyone.

Team of Ethnic Mongol Travel